Why a job description is so important for a CA career?

…My Head of Unit always told me that my job description is not very important for my CA’s career, because it should only form the basis of my job specification. As a result, my job description presents a broad, general, and written statement of a specific job, based on the findings of a job analysis. It only includes generic duties, purpose, responsibilities, scope, and general working conditions of a job along with the job’s title, but never my effective, often additional, performed tasks…

Generation 2004 offers contract agents two arguments that highlight the importance of a good job description:

    Standard performance measures to evaluate a CA’s job performance objectively can cut down on the amount of time and stress. A current job description for each position, which is essential to specify quantity and quality goals, can serve as a measurement tool during an evaluation. An effective job description not only provides professional expectations for the position, determines the CA’s role and a functional group and forms a legally binding contract of employment, but also helps to set goals and target for the CA, aids in the evaluation of the agent’s job performance and helps formulating training and development plans.From the organisations perspective, the job description is vital in ensuring that the applications received for the position closely match the needs of the service (performed tasks) with the CA’s functional group.
    According to Article 13 – Changing function group of the new GIPs (2017) the changing of functional group is possible (of course by way of exception) for the contractual staff.
    Nowadays, only one exercise in Luxembourg enabling the CA 3a to advance to the next function group by taking part in a specific procedure is organised by the AECE. This recent experience shows that HR’s analyses are entirely based on the job description of selected CAs (applicant). Based on this detailed analysis the AECE may grant a further procedure of changing group or not!
What is typically included in a job description?

A well-rounded job description should clearly identify the purpose of the role as well as the key tasks to be performed and the main accountabilities of the position. The document will also include practical information, such as where the job is based, whether it is full or part-time, as well as the name or position of the CA. In addition, you can also expect to find professional experience and achievements, skill set, educational background and qualifications, as well as any desired personality traits of CAs.

It can be very difficult to capture what a job will really entail within a few short paragraphs. Furthermore, some positions within an organisation may be newly created roles and, when creating the job description, it may not always be possible to fully foresee how the role will develop and be adapted over time.

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