Legal framework for Local Agents – finally fairly treated?

Treating all staff members fairly in the European Institutions is not just a moral obligation but also a necessity to ensure maximum work performance. When one of the staff categories is treated unfairly, it results in decreasing its morale. Low morale results in decreased work performance. Which can, in turn, lead to high staff turnover.

With this in mind, Generation 2004 takes part in the comprehensive social dialogue to upgrade the legal framework for Local Agents in EU Delegations. The expected result of this social dialogue has provided significant input for reflection on the part of all social partners and has contributed to achieve a mutual understanding. This should result in better work performance and working relationships in EU Delegations.

Requested points for correcting work conditions of local agents in the EU Delegations:

  1. Protection against medical incapacity – we propose to add benefits for LAs to the legal framework in case of invalidity.
  2. Changing of functional group and reclassification – we request a clear action plan with a timeline and modalities for the implementation of the necessary corrections to these LAs posts, which should be corrected (by moving to a higher function group).
  3. Differential benefits under the new LA-Medical Scheme – we request a medical coverage for the entire retirement period with the same contribution rate as while in service (1/3 LA & 2/3 EU) on the notion of solidarity and equal contributions from all. It is unfair and unethical to limit the medical coverage based on whether a Local Agent agrees to opt for the new package of decisions or not. Furthermore, the inter-institutional Joint Management Committee of the LA-Medical will monitor the proper functioning of the scheme and will have the mandate to come forward with proposals to improve its functioning.
  4. Legal basis against harassment – we propose an unlimited access to all procedures and tools provided by the Institution for this purpose.
  5. Post-retirement medical coverage with the same contribution rate (1/3 LA & 2/3 EU) – we propose an extension of the medical coverage to the entire retirement period with the same contribution rate.
  6. Out-of-country medical treatment – we request a possibility to arrange the medical treatment outside the country of employment equally than in the country of employment.

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