Is HR modernising itself?

Last month during an information session on the HR reform, DG HR tried to sound convincing in that it has been successfully self-modernised and that the new AMC’s and BC’s structure is working rather well. But, is it?

Reality is somewhat different. Generation 2004  receives more and more inquiries on HR related topics, as they seem not to be well enough informed or helped with.

The problem is many-fold. Colleagues lack of awareness comes from the lack of HR presence at a local level and the possibility of direct contact. HR has become detached from colleagues, even for topics that HR can actually help resolve. The situation is much worse for long-term serious issues such as helping CAs find career prospects after the end of their 6 years, or addressing mobility issues and facilitating unified lists with vacancies across institutions. Telework, Flexitime, Promotions, Internal Competitions, Yong Professionals Program… the list of pending issues which HR is doing little about only continues to grow.

Despite the ongoing efforts to improve all shortcomings introduced by the “modernisation”, the impression remains that HR launched a major change including moving plenty of staff from their DGs to HR headquarters, without a clear plan of the desired outcome nor an impact assessment. Staff was moved but service is not given by HQ in exchange, or only slowly now.  Four years after the Big Bang, HR is still working on the basics that should have been analysed and addressed before the start of the project.

Generation 2004 has since the beginning of the process pointed out that the whole preparation and implementation of the HR reforms did not comply with the requirements which are set up by the European Commission towards EU Member States (please read our past e-mail to Kristalina GEORGIEVA).  We have warned HR of the inevitable consequence of not following the processes.

For staff little practical improvement are more welcome than large HR strategies. Standardisation and simplification are of utmost importance. Above all, the comments reflected in the last Staff Survey should be considered, analysed with the involvement of staff representatives and directly addressed by the hierarchy, across all DGs and not only in DG HR.

The same applies for our colleagues working in the AMCs and HR BC, who give all their efforts to fulfil their tasks. In an article Generation 2004 published in January 2018 on the subject of HR modernization, we mentioned that a survey we conducted at the time to all AMC colleagues confirmed that the situation is critical.

Please share with us your experience and ideas we could forward to the HR.

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