Let’s play chess (with a little bit of Poker)

According to Wikipedia: “Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a chessboard, a checkered gameboard with 64 squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. Chess is played by millions of people worldwide, both amateurs and professionals.”

Chess, originated in India in the 3rd century and ever since evolved into the game we         know today. For some it looks boring, for some it is brilliant but for the vast majority it  is simply not very well known or too complicated for today’s arguably little brain   involvement brought about by the (so called) “smart phone”. Endless possibilities of combinations, different strategies, turn ups, attacks, defends, loosing or sacrificing pieces (btw – Queen is the most powerful piece), all for one goal, WINNING.

Now, let’s try to transfer a game of chess in a real life, just to make it more clear and understandable. Let’s try to compare this game with what is known as BREXIT.

To do so, we need to know that Brexit started as a poker game but magically transformed into a chess game (and no, it was not done by Harry Potter). Why do we say so? Well, bluffing might be better known in poker however it can also be present in chess. And this was undoubtedly a bluff from the beginning.

However let’s go back to the real life. In BREXIT for instance, bluff just went wrong and the game of chess just started with the worse possible opening. Suddenly, new strategies must be adopted and new moves invented in order to continue the game. Lucky it is still an early stage of the game and both of the players bluffed. So the game is still on and might finally get the “beautiful” one. The public is interested although its great expectations might not be fulfilled at all. Everybody is cheering passionately, almost like in a football stadium in a match between England and Scotland, forgetting it will not last only 90 minutes. Yes, the chess game can sometimes last days, months or even years. And Brexit definitely looks like the last option. Anyway, prepare your drinks and sofa, buy pop corns and try to enjoy in this battle of chess. It is a long way to the end and victory might also turn to a draw as this is possible at this game.

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