A constructive debate on the Future of the Brussels’ European Schools

In our earlier article on this matter we raised concerns over the two models described in the first draft of the paper on the “Reflections on the future structure of the Brussels European Schools”. Following the meeting of the Enlarged group of the Steering Committee Brussels on 31 May 2022, this paper was revised and following its publication, a group of parents from the Brussels’ European School 2 – Woluwe, took on the task of drafting a document that not only highlighted the raised issues in detail, but also went the extra step and constructively proposed a long-term solution for the current situation.  

The two proposed models in the revised paper circulated by the European Schools’ administration, are more a patchwork of short-term fixes than a long-term and sustainable solution to the very real problem of overcrowding. But to make things worse, if implemented, these fixes would be very difficult to walk away from, and many of the benefits of the European School system would be either lost or severely curtailed.  

The third proposed solution by the group of parents builds on the long and widely tested system of full-fledged European Schools that covers the full educational cycle from nursery until the end of the secondary education; this model should be explored to its maximum possible extent and with utmost urgency at the European School Evere site. 

The second meeting of the Enlarged group of the Steering Committee Brussels took place on 30 June 2022. In advance of this meeting, the aforementioned parents proposal for a long term solution to the overcrowding problem was sent to the Secretary General of the European Schools with more than 300 signatures from parents. If you agree with the text, you can still support it by clicking the button below and signing it. The organisers of the petition will send those extra signatures to the pertinent authorities at the European Schools.

In parallel there is also a lively debate going on about these matters in Teams. If you do not have an @ec.europa.eu email address, you may still join in as a guest. Join here!

2 thoughts on “A constructive debate on the Future of the Brussels’ European Schools

  1. Dear colleagues, this petition only represents the views of EEBII parents and is, therefore, biased. The solution they propose does not take full account of the needs and concerns of parents from other European schools in Brussels. As you know, there are 4 of them in total. I find it inappropriate for you to promote the interests of only one Brussels school out of 4 in this way.

    1. Dear Gundars,

      Thank you for your reply. As far as we could ascertain, this is the only initiative that gives an overall analysis of the Reflection document and not a language section or school specific analysis of that document.

      It is also open for signatures for parents from all 4 Brussels schools and also for future parents. So far, we believe almost 400 parents from all 4 schools (covering all 6 sites), as well as some future parents have signed the petition.

      If you believe you have other proposals that are of value, we would like to invite you to join the Teams group listed in the article and share them there for other concerned parents to hear about them and discuss them.

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