Approaching deadline: don’t miss out on Commission repayment of exceptional education costs

Closing date for applications (and reapplications!) is 15 November 2020.

Even where a child is not attending a European School, there are still circumstances where the Commission can contribute to the education costs (primary and secondary levels), such as where the reason for the child attending another school is educational difficulties, timing concerns or geographical issues: check out the application form for specifics.

Unfortunately, this repayment does not apply to the children of those in EU Delegations or in agencies, but it does still apply to a large and varied pool of current and former staff (contract agents, temporary staff and officials (including those who receive a retirement pension or invalidity allowance)).

In general, any and all other funding means must have been exhausted, the basic salary be less than €10 244.12 and education costs more than 20% of the family income (see points 4.II and 4.III for specifics).

As always, there is paperwork required and hoops to jump through (note, it’s necessary to reapply) but the option is there, check it out: Repayment of exceptional education costs for the 2019-2020 school year.

Every little bit helps!

Feel free to get in touch and tell us how well this process worked for you.

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