Article 90 complaint on Internal competitions

Following our advice and using the template for the Art. 90 request that Generation 2004 provided, many colleagues have made a request to DG HR to be admitted to one of the ongoing internal competitions. Since those requests were answered by the very same DG HR directorate, which had concocted these internal competitions in the first place, it is not surprising that the request was rejected.

A preliminary analysis by Generation 2004 indicates, however, that the reasons put forward by DG HR do not hold enough water. Generation 2004 is therefore preparing the launch of an Art. 90 complaint against the eligibility criteria and, at a later stage, either involve the Ombudsman or go to court if necessary.

While the likely success of further action does not depend on the number of colleagues who may file a complaint, it is important that as many as possible do so, as any positive outcome of a court case may not be applicable if you do not do so.

Generation 2004 therefore proposes a collective action by joint filing this complaint. This joint complaint, to be drafted by our lawyers, will be made available free of charge and assistance will be provided to all members of Generation 2004 to use it. If you are not our member and do not want to become a member of Generation 2004, or you have filed an adapted Art 90 request that will also require an adapted Art 90 complaint, then we will still share the Art 90 complaint template with everyone.

If you have filed an Art. 90 request using our template and you are interested in joining this common effort, please send us a message and we will inform you about the next steps ASAP.

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  1. Heike Schmidt ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Dear Colleagues, I am working as a contract Agent in the EC since November 2017. For me it would be a good thing to join an internal competition to have the chance to be an Official.
    Thank you

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