Brick by brick breaking bad behaviours: lunchtime coaching

*Friday, 9 July, 12.15-13.45: Lunchtime workshop*

How many times have you told yourself: from Monday I will stop eating sweets! From next month I will stop smoking! From tomorrow I will start reading every day!

Yes I know!  We all have been there! We all wanted to change a bad habit and we all failed at a certain moment. A habit is a learned repeated behaviour and it can be related to goals, locations, circumstances or even people.

We – all of us – are creatures of habits and we build habits to learn faster and also to free a part of our brain in order for it to focus on something more important. The downside is that once the circuit is made in the brain, be it either about driving your car or smoking a cigar, it is more difficult to ignore it or change it.  Therefore, in this workshop we will understand why bad habits are easier to be installed than good habits and also what is the matrix of habits and how we can change or even to remove a bad habit from our behaviours. You will learn the role of the neurotransmitters in the brain,  willpower and also some tips and tricks on how we can succeed in changing bad behaviours.

We will talk about your bad habits that you want to remove them from your life. We will identify your success and failure recipes.

We will discuss procrastination, victimisation, negative self-talk, toxic relationships and limiting beliefs.

We will talk about the tips and tricks of changing a bad habit

Friday, 9 July, 12.15-13.45: Lunchtime workshop link (password in newsletter email)

The benefits

You will:

  • identify clearly what are the benefits of having /keeping certain bad habits
  • understand how the brain works and what is the patter in every behaviour
  • become aware of bad habit matrix
  • know how you can change or remove a bad habit
  • become aware of the recipes for  failure and success.

Target group: all the European Commission staff

Presentation of the trainer

Monica Dimitriu has been a master certified coach and trainer since 2007. She has extended specialisation in Transactional Analysis, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), ESPERE and Theta Healing, and is fascinated by human development and neuroscience communication. She has more than 20 years of experience in public institutions, combining her leadership and practical experience with her curious mind, aiming always to find the newest instruments and tools to bring and share with her colleagues.

Having an interest in spreading ideas about communication and leadership, Monica is the author of several books and she has her own radio broadcast ‘Communicating with difficult people’. In the same time she is also an active member of Toastmasters International where she combines her passion for leading with her love and calling for public speaking.

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