Newsletter – 2020-07-01

Newsletter editorial – 1-7-2021

Welcome to this latest edition of the Generation 2004 Newsletter.  In the last two weeks we’ve been looking at the HR decision on the ‘new normal’ (the introduction of a ‘disconnection bandwidth’ but the abolition of core time), at the IT kit available for teleworking (what kit/sites are still missing?) and at the pilot delegation teleworking project. We update you on our November contract agent petition (it’s now with the European Parliament), on our May DG GROW survey on the reorganisation and we consider the usefulness of a lingua franca at SCIC. We remind you of the offer of CBT training (deadline tomorrow 12.00) and lunchtime coachinge (9 July).  We ask you to sign our petition against the limitations of the AST/SC function group while we evaluate the stated aims of the creation of this function group against what actually happened.

That’s all for now, we hope you will enjoy the reading and, as usual, we invite you to let us know what you think or to get in touch if we can help you in any way or there’s something you’d like to see us address.

Lingua franca, what? SCIC

What does it mean when your interlocutor refuses to use the only language you both have in common? Is it a (repeated) oversight? Forgetfulness? Something else?

Why on earth would anyone do this on purpose? They wouldn’t, right?

Regardless of the motivation, it’s awkward, isn’t it, being spoken at in a language you don’t understand, especially when you know you have a language in common and you’ve asked several times to use it. Continue reading Lingua franca, what? SCIC

Stated aims and reality: AST/SC

Thanks to all of you who attended our secretaries and clerks (AST/SC) conference, the issues raised and discussed there are explained in detail in our original article.

For those of you who haven’t done so already, please sign our petition [1] to improve the opportunities available to our AST/SC colleages: Continue reading Stated aims and reality: AST/SC

UPDATE: Petition in support of Contract Agents!

Remember our petition in support of contract agents from last year? The one that closed 27 November with 1 415 signatures? (Thanks very much for your support!) It’s now with the European Parliament and still moving! Here are details on the next steps[1]. Continue reading UPDATE: Petition in support of Contract Agents!

The ‘new normal’: is this it?

*Update 20.07.2021: Check out the MyIntracomm discussion below Towards more attractive and flexible working conditions: Staff working arrangements: major changes in the pipeline*

The Working time and hybrid working decision sets out the proposed ‘new normal’ with an invitation to discuss this with the trade unions and staff associations (OSPs) in a social dialogue on 30 June. Here are the current Working time and flexitime rules  and their corresponding frequently asked questions (FAQs) for comparison. Continue reading The ‘new normal’: is this it?

UPDATE on teleworking in delegations – adapting work practice to a new reality

Generation 2004 wish to update you on teleworking in EU Delegations.

In January 2018, the European External Action Service (EEAS) started a teleworking pilot project in four Delegations. This was possible also thanks to the proactive role of Generation 2004 members who worked closely with the EEAS and the Commission (‘COM’) on this file. By the end of 2019, the number of Delegations covered by teleworking increased from 4 to 24 (out of 143 Delegations and offices). In the pilot phase, colleagues had the opportunity to apply for occasional teleworking, subject to the approval of their hierarchy. Some Delegations have excluded local agents (LA) assistants and secretaries which is an issue of concern to be addressed. Continue reading UPDATE on teleworking in delegations – adapting work practice to a new reality

Brick by brick breaking bad behaviours: lunchtime coaching

*Friday, 9 July, 12.15-13.45: Lunchtime workshop*

How many times have you told yourself: from Monday I will stop eating sweets! From next month I will stop smoking! From tomorrow I will start reading every day!

Yes I know!  We all have been there! We all wanted to change a bad habit and we all failed at a certain moment. A habit is a learned repeated behaviour and it can be related to goals, locations, circumstances or even people. Continue reading Brick by brick breaking bad behaviours: lunchtime coaching

CBT training offer: July 2021

*Deadline to register is 12.00 (midday) Friday 2 July 2021*

Generation 2004 is organising more computer-based multiple-choice test (CBT) training for July (4 x 2 hour sessions) to provide you with techniques to pass the contract agents selection tool (CAST) or the CBT phase of any European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) competition.

CAST exams are scheduled for 30 June-6 July (and probably September). It is also likely EPSO will launch more competitions in autumn (check ongoing selection procedures for CBT dates).

The final objective of this training is to guarantee that candidates master the CBT methodology. The training sessions will go through the theory of the exercises and share a practical methodology and exercises for practice at home, with the possibility of addressing doubts in the following session. Continue reading CBT training offer: July 2021