UPDATE: our DG GROW reorganisation survey

Many of our DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW) colleagues were directly affected by the recent and extensive reorganisation of the DG and a large number raised concerns on the implications for career development, the level of communication and the engagement with those impacted by these changes.

When we raised the concerns of DG GROW colleagues, we received a reassuring message of the correct implementation of the process from HR.  Despite offering staff the possibility to discuss individual cases in the “Chambre d’ecoute,” several colleagues found that the proposed assignments did not match their fields of expertise and job profiles. For unknown reasons, some of the assignments and job profiles were later unilaterally changed by DG GROW. As a result, and in an effort to address staff dissatisfaction Generation 2004 sent a note to DG Gertrud Ingestad (28 April).

Generation 2004 undertook a survey in order to:

  1. collect colleagues’ views on the overall reorganisation exercise,
  2. measure the level of staff involvement including middle and senior management and
  3. assess the impact on career development and well-being for DG GROW colleagues.

Here are the results, they support the concerns raised by colleagues and we intend to present these figures to HR in a follow-up note [1].

How was the reorganisation announced to you?

How would you qualify the quality and pertinence of the information provided?

As a member of staff of the DG, were you consulted and involved in the reorganisation process?

Were you affected by the reorganisation?

How were you affected?

Did you get a chance to speak to a Human Resources adviser (chambre d’écoute) about your new assignment?

Was your profile considered for the selection of your new assignment?

Even if you were not affected by the reorganisation what is your perception of how it went or is going?

Generation 2004 is here to support you, do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help.


[1] Transparency: we received 52 responses to this survey.

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