Contract Agents Conference

A conference was organised by Generation 2004 on 14 November to discuss Contract Agent’s function groups and work conditions following the adoption of the new GIPs for CAs (2017).

The first part of the conference consisted in a series of presentations on CA’s career development, functional groups versus performed tasks, pension’s rights and case studies. The presentations offered suggestions on how to manage a CA’s career in the EU Institutions, on how to survive after the ending of contract and presented examples of CAs working on permanent positions but for low salaries.

The second part consisted in a questions and answers session. If you have missed the conference, it is not too late as it is available online here, also the presentation is available here.

As a follow-up to the conference, Generation 2004 invites CAs to come and discuss in all confidentiality their individual situation with a member of our organisation who is a CA herself. A non-exhaustive list of topics on which CAs can consult is as follows:

Ask for advice or feedback;

  • Express a complaint or a concern;
  • Raise awareness for a problematic situation;
  • Ask for resolution to an internal dispute or conflict;
  • Make suggestions for change.

Please send an email to our colleague here to arrange a meeting.

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