DG RTD reorganization presented at the LSC Brussels

DG RTD Reorganisation and delegation of projects to Agencies discussed at the Local Staff Committee

There is a reorganisation ongoing in DG RTD. Its Director General, Mr Jean-Eric Paquet, is determined to make it more flexible, agile and efficient, closer to the Executive Agencies and ready for the European Innovation Council, as explained to members of the Local Staff Committee on 5th February.

During his intervention, Mr Paquet highlighted his intention to delegate all Horizon 2020 projects “as a block” to the relevant Executive Agencies on 1st January 2021. This would ensure the smooth transfer of staff working on projects, including Contract Agents.

The discussion that followed was far too short for such an important topic and Generation 2004 asked Mr Paquet to set up a separate staff meeting to address the numerous questions raised by Contract Agents not only from DG RTD but also from the Executive Agencies.

As change is always an opportunity for improvement, Generation 2004 also asked Mr Paquet to improve the conditions of DG RTD’s most precarious colleagues. We propose that Directors and Heads of Units review upwards the category of ASTs and Contract Agents in the lower Functional Groups (FGI, II and III) in order to better reflect their expertise, skills and actual tasks performed.

Generation 2004 considers that the 6-year rule imposed by the current Staff Regulations not only drains the expertise available in the EC, but that it also demotivates Contract Agents in the Agencies by hindering their career development opportunities. Therefore, Generation 2004 calls on Mr Paquet and the Directors of the Executive Agencies to work closely with us to achieve a true inter-institutional mobility for the benefit of the EU institutions.

Finally, Generation 2004 welcomes Mr Paquet statement that The Executive Agencies are the European Commission, no more, no less and agree that this principle must guide future social dialogue, with all its implications.

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