Dos & Don’ts of Self-appraisal & Appeals Conference

A conference entitled “Know more about DOs and DON’Ts of self-appraisal and appeals” was organised by Generation 2004 on 11 January 2018. It consisted in a varied programme of presentations, interactive dialogues and one-to-one advice sessions. This lunch-time conference is the second large public event organised by Generation 2004 after the Contract Agents Conference organised in November 2017.The lunch-time conference brought together a large number of attendees in Brussels and several hundred participants from Ispra, Seville and Luxembourg through web-streaming and videoconference.

The speakers from G2004 (Lorella Cattaruzza, Lyubomira Nesheva and Łukasz Wardyn) pointed out the importance of your self-appraisal and the annual report prepared by the reporting officer. During the lunch-time conference, they explained the promotion system in the EU Institutions and highlighted the importance of an appropriate language in your self-appraisal. The self-appraisal must positively mirror your performance rather than serve an excuse for your reporting officer to under-valuate your work because (s)he wants to promote someone else.

The presentation included instructions on the use of the Sysper template and on the key-words in your self-appraisal and any possible subsequent appeal. Speakers also presented some case studies.

As a follow-up to the conference, Generation 2004 has invited those interested in a one-to-one session by appointment to come and discuss in all confidentiality their individual self-appraisal and appeal with Generation2004’s experts. We are glad to say that the response was massive! Networking with other officials was another important aspect of the conference.

If you have missed the conference, it’s not too late as it was recorded and available here. You can also access the presentation here.

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