Extension for your decision on the new local agent conditions – 31 June 2021

See our first article on the modernisation of local agent (LA) conditions of employment. 

Extension of timeline for LAs to decide whether or not to sign up to the addendum for LA conditions 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic and the situation of European External Action Service (EEAS) HR Unit BA.5 being rather under-staffed, there is a delay in preparing the local-law reference guide for 140 delegations. Therefore, the initial deadline for signing up the addendum has now been extended to 30 June 2021. See Joint Decision ADMIN(2020) 45 for details. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers 

At the request of staff representatives, a detailed FAQs document has been prepared by the administration in both English and FrenchThe FAQs document is a good source of information for you to understand the package offered and to see the main positive elements of the new LA conditions.  

It is important to underline that the administration has committed to the following two points. 

  1. To the extent possible, conserve all acquired rights in the local delegation. 
  2. The LA conditions serve as the minimum standard, where the local legislation provides better provision, the better provision will prevail. 

Any questions outstanding or requiring further clarification should be addressed to HQ. 

Delegation-level decision to make 

There are also two decisions you should decide collectively with your LA colleagues in the delegation:  

  1. the percentage of contribution to the Provident fund; and  
  1. the participation in the LA medical scheme. 

This modernisation process also offers delegation staff the opportunity to decide whether they wish to increase their current rate of contribution to the Provident fund (5%) by 1% per year (0.5% LA part and 0.5% EU part). You need to have 75% of LAs supporting such a change for it to be applicable to ALL LAs. This same decision-making mechanism is applicable when deciding whether LAs in a delegation should be affiliated to the LA medical scheme or stay at whatever current regime your delegation has. 

Should I accept the package? 

Many colleagues have come forward with this question. Due to the fact that each LA employment contract is a personal one, and that there can be many different scenarios in different delegations, there is not a one-size-fit-all answerWe invite you to study your current special conditions of employment and to compare those with all the elements proposed in these new LA conditions. Please, however, know that Generation 2004 is here and ready to assist you: if you have any particular questions, please contact our subject matter experts: 

Stephanie Tse (Delegation Turkey) 

Fadi Saba (Delegation Jordan)  

Alessandro Campo (Delegation Algeria) 

Additional information 

Staff Regulations, Title V, local staff 

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