Generation 2004 submitted AST/SC petition to the European Parliament

We need you to please register at the EP website and sign this petition there.

We are happy to inform you that Generation 2004 formally submitted a petition to the European Parliament to stop the unfair treatment of AST/SC staff on 11.11.2021, but please add add your name to show your support! [1]

‘Will you support a petition to the European Parliament (EP) to raise the MEPs’ awareness of the specific challenges faced by our AST/SC colleagues and to urge the EP, during the next revision of the Staff Regulations, to adopt the necessary legislative changes to abolish the unfair treatment of the AST/SC staff members?

AST/SC issues:
1) Very slow promotion speed
2) Very limited promotion quota
3) Very small net salary increase
4) Minimum pension by design
5) AST/SC staff asked to do AST jobs
6) Internal competitions
7) Certification procedure
8) Junior Professionals Programme’

Our petition is currently being processed and analysed by the European Parliament. Once it is formally accepted, the European Parliament will produce a summary, which will be translated into all the official languages of the European Union and published on the Petitions Portal.

You may wish to read and follow the progress of our ongoing Petition No 0117/2021 on the contract agent precariat in the European commission.

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[1] Update 23.11.2021 the petition number is 1243/2021, however, it’s not yet visible on the EP Petitions Web Portal.

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