Generation 2004 takes a European Schools student for an internship

Every student of the 5th grade at the European Schools must do two weeks of internship at an organization or company of their choice. For the first time Generation 2004 took on board one such student, Elyas Dinart, who has an interest in HR. Here are a few words from Elyas:

My name is Elyas Dinart and I am curently doing my internship from 24 of June until the 5th of July at the European Commission to be able to learn more about adult life at work. I am a fifth grade pupil at the European School of Laeken, all the fifth graders have to do a two weeks internship in a company or organization of their choice. I chose Generation 2004, the largest individual staff association in the European Commission, because they campaign against injustice and inequality in the EU institutions and they are based on fair, just and motivating employment conditions. They also believe the welfare of each worker is essential.  I work with great people who enjoyed my arrival and are integrating me well so i could learn with no difficulties.

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