Is the Luxembourgish government asking for the opening of the Staff Regulations?

Recently, a local trade union from Luxembourg disseminated information referring to supposedly extremely reliable sources that the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg had informed the Representative of the European Commission last month of its wish to see a correction coefficient introduced for Luxembourg. An official request by the Cabinet of the Luxembourg Government was due for adoption and sent to the European Commission. This would mean a split off from Belgium and a change to the Annex XI of the Staff Regulations of the European Civil Service.

While there is no official information circulating about these plans, Generation 2004 wonders if Luxembourg has joined the group of Member States who have already demanded an opening of the Staff Regulations?!

As usual regarding this matter, we are not putting our heads in the sand because we do not believe the Staff Regulations will never be opened again. However, we should be carefully prepared for this event with a sound analysis of the situation and problems as well as with workable solutions that do not benefit disproportionately or protect certain groups to the detriment of others such as low grades and newcomers.

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