New Ways to collaborate in the work place

Generation 2004 organises a conference on New ways to collaborate in the work place.

If you are wondering,

  • How the future of work would look like?
  • What changes emerging technologies could bring to our daily life’s?
  • What would be some ways to address increasing complexity in our daily life’s?
  • If it is possible to make more liberated, self-organized working environment in European institutions?

Then the presentation may contribute to answering those questions.

It will help to look bit ”outside the box” and be aware on future of work tendencies.

Curiosity is good enough reason to eat your salad or sandwich while watching and listening…

12th June 2018 at 12:30

Location: Grand Salle CCP J-79

Entrances: Rue de la Loi 80 Ground flr or Rue Joseph II 79 2nd flr

Everyone is invited – no need for registration

Conference materials:

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