The promotion system for officials: How it works

The annual promotion decisions are taken by the Appointing Authority (AA), on the basis of 1) proposals by the senior management of each DG; 2) recommendations by a Joint Promotion Committee (JPC).

DGs and JPCs must determine who deserves a promotion on the basis of a comparison of merits (in theory…, see article below). All officials take part in the appraisal exercise. But only those who are eligible for promotion, i.e. have been in the grade for at least 2 years take part in the promotion exercise. Jobholders transferred to another DG within the Commission on the 1st of March 2018 or earlier will be considered for promotion by the new Directorate General. Jobholders transferred to another DG after 2nd March  will be considered by their previous DG.

The comparison of merits on which the promotion procedure is based takes into account:

  • the appraisal reports since the last promotion or, failing that, since recruitment
  • the use of languages in the execution of their duties
  • the level of responsibilities exercised (to be taken into consideration on a systematic basis alongside the two other elements and not just “where applicable”, as stated in the 2004 version of Article 45).

The promotion exercise step by step

Generation 2004 has appointed two colleagues as coordinators for the AD and AST promotion committees. These colleagues will look carefully after every appeal which is submitted by staff members. Please contact us here if you need help.

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