Outcome of the staff regulations reform: much ado about (almost) nothing

  • Since its (official) foundation last year, Generation2004 has been heavily involved in the staff regulation reform on all levels and on all fronts. Unlike others, our activities mainly focused on Member States. During several meetings with a number of permanent representations, we demonstrated clearly how the burden of the 2004 reform had been largely carried by post-2004 staff, who therefore should be spared this time round. For obvious reasons, Generation2004 was virtually the only staff association to do so and encountered an astounding level of unawareness. If anything, this has helped to convince Member States that their initial demands were unreasonable and counterproductive.
  • By now, the reform of the staff regulations has finally been adopted by the Council and European Parliament. The result is mixed: it mirrors what could have been expected from an unholy alliance between DG HR and unions largely made up of officials in high grades, whose natural interest is to maintain their privileged status quo. In fact, there are so-called “transitional measures” in the form of extra steps and derogations, benefiting (nearly all) affected pre-2004 (and almost no post-2004 staff), and protecting them from the effect of capping non-managerial careers at AD12. Post-2004 staff continues to pay that bill, while post-2014 newcomers get treated even worse. Welcome to a three-class society within the institutions!
  • Whilst the so-called Front Commun (of old unions), were entertaining you with their demagogic theatrics at the Berlaymont foyer and spamming you with their crocodile tear communications announcing gloom and doom, we could witness directly a lot of ‘hugging and tears of joy’ amongst these fellows when the fateful deal was formally sealed … much to their delight! Since this was obvious when the last strike was (irresponsibly) called for by the established unions, it would have been ridiculous to participate. Thus Generation2004 did not break the strike. Generation2004 simply took it for what it actually was: A MERE COMEDY by the unions to justify their very raison d’etre as “unions”!

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