Post-reform Equal Pay Day

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The Post-reform Equal Pay Day is inspired by the Equal Pay Day that marks the gender pay gap (

Post-reform Equal Pay Day is a reminder of the unequal pay conditions affecting everyone who joined the European Institutions after the Kinnock Reform of 1 May 2004. The latest reform that took effect on 1 January 2014 has only made matters worse by introducing complications in the career structure, and by lowering the entry salary once again; more and more contract staff are employed at ever lower salaries; the new category of AST/SC, and the ensuing confusion generated by the automatic conversion of AST posts to AST/SC posts, puts new employees in a financially precarious situation while confusing and frustrating AST staff who suddenly find themselves sitting on AST/SC posts.

Post-reform colleagues end-up with a salary that is on average one third lower than that of colleagues who joined the institutions before the Kinnock reform. As a consequence, post-reform colleagues perform the same jobs but are being asked to work for free for one third of the year. To mark this inequality of treatment and salary, Generation 2004 proposes to celebrate from now on the Post-reform Equal Pay Day on 1st May, as long as the institutions refuse to address the problem.

According to information published on the web site of the European Commission, “equal pay for equal work is a founding principle of the EU”. Besides monitoring the correct implementation of EU legislation, the European Commission is supposed to take action on all fronts to tackle the pay gap and conduct a comparative analysis of the wage structure. Why does it fail to do this for its own staff?

Enjoy the week-end and the 1st of May celebrations. If you were recruited after the 2004 reform, you have worked for free since the beginning of the year. As from the beginning of next week, you will finally be earning a normal wage for your work!

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