Reimbursement scheme for public transport expenses in Commission Representations

In the framework of the position of the Brussels Local Staff Committee (LSC) approved in March 2018 regarding the future mobility in the Brussels-Capital region, based on a request by Generation 2004, a separate chapter dedicated to EC Representations was added. Staff in the Commission Representations falls under the competence of the LSC, thus the Commission should assure equal treatment of colleagues regardless of their place of work. In many Representations parking spaces are very limited, therefore, the LSC called upon the inclusion of the Representation colleagues into the reimbursement scheme for the public transport cost to come to work and to provide all Representations with service bikes.

We are happy that from now on DG COMM provides statutory staff working in the Representations (officials, temporary staff , contract agents, local agents and DGT colleagues) with the possibility of applying for a 50% contribution towards the costs of public transportation used for commuting to and from work (here is the respective document) .

Generation 2004 has also insisted on providing staff members in Representations with service bikes. As a result, service bicycles, familiar already in Brussels and Luxembourg have also been offered to interested Representations. It should allow colleagues to commute from the office to meetings or events in other buildings or sites in different parts of the capitals or regional capitals. If needed, also budget for helmets, locks or other necessary equipment can be provided.

In total 22 Representations showed interest in purchasing service bicycles and the first 18 bicycles have been purchased by 8 Representations (Athens, Sofia, Riga, Bucharest, Prague, Dublin, Bratislava and Tallinn).

Another 29 bicycles will be ordered by the remaining Representations very soon, so there will be 47 new service bicycles in the Reps as of spring 2019.

DG COMM envisages to assess the results of this action later this year (including a reflection on the possibility of adding other types of bicycles such as electric bicycles to the fleet in the future.

For more questions please consult the FAQ on the public transport reimbursement scheme.

Please share with us your first experiences and possible suggestions.

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