Secretly Fighting Against Precariousness

The R&D section at the EP has publicized its strong agreement with anti-precariousness positions taken up by Parliamentarians in a resolution . Parts of the R&D text are somewhat fuzzy due to being translated too literally from French into Franglais, so some readers may get the impression that R&D has played a major part in persuading the EP. If that is so, they have been very secretive until now.

NPS and SID jointly developed Petition 0178/2017 against Automatically Firing Contract Agents and with much appreciated support from G2004 got the endorsement of the EP’s Petitions Committee which passed the petition on to Legal Affairs Committee. In all that time, we never heard even a whisper from the R&D, so discrete that we did not know they were there. Maybe you, dear reader can help us out. Here is a video clip of the key meeting.

Send us an email if you can identify R&D members in the room.

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