Self-Assessment conference in Luxembourg

Are the assessment and promotion exercises really independent from each other?

We say this is not entirely true!

Your report may indeed be only one of the elements taken into account when your DG prepares the draft promotion list… but the language of your appraisal will decide the fate of your appeal if you launch one for not being proposed.

Therefore your self-assessment and the evaluation by the reporting officer must very positively mirror your performance.

Want to know more about DO’s and DON’Ts of self-assessment and appeals?

Join our lunch-time event on the unwritten rules of the appraisal and promotion exercises.

WHEN: Tuesday 15 JANUARY 2019, 12.30 – 14.30

WHERE: OP ROOM VM18 0044 (2 rue Mercier)

Web Streaming
To ask questions when using web streaming please register to our website and use the comments section at the bottom of this page to do so. We will monitor it and will try to answer question during the event. If that is not possible we will do so afterwards.

Conference materials:


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