Unreliable European school calendar

Imagine that an educational institution sets a calendar at the beginning of the school year, clearly detailing the start, holidays and end of the course, but that one month before its end, announces that the course will be cut by two weeks, without any explanation. 

You can stop imagining because this surreal situation is actually going on at the European School of Ixelles in Brussels. On 4/05/2022, the school notified that pupils from S1 to S4 would end their school year on 21/06/2022 instead of the planned date, 1/07/2022. The European School of Uccle in Brussels also announced it on 13/05/2022, at least providing an explanation: they need the full school and all the teachers to organize the Bac oral examinations. 

As bad as this is, still these are comparatively good practices, since it is already informally known that other European Schools in Brussels will do the same, but they have not bothered to communicate it yet. 

No respect of the school calendar, no alternative solution provided, not even some consideration for the parents or the pupils offering an apology. 

It is not the first time that this happens, and experienced parents were somehow prepared for the bad surprise. However, not every parent knew that this was coming and all of them have been left with the kids at home in a period where they did not plan any holidays.  

It is unclear why the whole school has to be devoted to the Bac exams, but if this is the case and the schools know it, why not planning it in the school calendar since the beginning of the course? 

Generation 2004 has written a note to the directors of the European schools and the Secretary-General of the European Schools to request the end of this unacceptable practice. 

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