130% increase of parental contribution for outdoor childcare! Your voice counts!

Would you be concerned if the inflation rate in the EU would be again 130%? Generation 2004 is, and we are because within the Commission it seems we are in a hyperinflation mode.  And who do you think should be hit again? Those who have already suffered the most – the post 2004 and 2014 reform fellows and especially our contract staff colleagues with children!

During the 13 June 2018 Joint Management Committee of the Childhood Centre (COCEPE) meeting OIB proposed to increase the amount you would have to pay from 228.4 EUR to 500 EUR per month for each child during summer holiday and Easter holiday. Apparently 1 day of service costs 86,38 EUR (1727.6 EUR per month) and the parents’ contribution covered only 13% of it. Therefore, OIB would like to encourage you to use the services offered on the Belgium market and thus limit the 20% absenteeism rate.

OIB has forgotten that we do not have alternative solution, as sometimes vacation period in European schools does not coincide with Belgian schools.

One could perhaps agree that with demand for the service has been evolving since 2016 and the parental contribution indeed ought to be revised. However, asking a family of 3 children to contribute 1500 EUR per month is not acceptable when looking at the salaries of the post 2004 colleagues’ staff. By the way did you know that we have CA FGII colleagues who earn as little as 1300 EUR per month?

All staff representatives in the COCEPE and Parents’ Association, who prepared a well debated position paper, were against the proposal and put for discussion several counter proposals:

  • adjustment of the contribution to the monthly revenue (this solution has been successfully introduced for our COM colleagues in Luxembourg);
  • reduction of a certain percentage of required contribution for the second (and the following) children;
  • reduction schemes depending on duration of enrolment;
  • day per day registration.

Participate in a short survey and give us your valuable feedback. Ideas on how we can achieve a comprehensive solution mutually acceptable are particularly welcome. It will allow us to come back better equipped for the decisive COCEPE meeting planned for 26 September 2018.

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