Staff elections in Brussels in autumn 2018

Several major staff elections have been scheduled for 2018: in Ispra/Seville, Brussels and in the EU Delegations (outside the EU).

Generation 2004 actively tried to hold these elections together with the Brussels elections and also to give some time to DG HR to modify the rules governing the staff representation so that the elections take place at the same time under the same rules and that Seville would have its own local staff committee. By the way, we are also the only organisation which came up with a comprehensive staff representation reform proposal.

Unfortunately DG HR unilaterally, and against the decision of the General Assembly, decided to hold the Ispra/Seville elections at the beginning of May, during a period of school holidays. Despite that, with your support Generation 2004 succeeded to double its representativity.

It now looks likely that in Brussels and in the EU Delegations elections will take place under the current rules, i.e. with rules that differ according to the geographical location of the staff. The current rules lead to duplication of electoral campaigns that distract the staff representation from more important issues such as the impact of the future Multiannual Financial Framework on administrative expenditure in the coming years.

The next Brussels staff elections are most likely to take place in October or early November 2018 as decided by the General Assembly that was organised on 14 May 2018.

Since the 2015 Brussels elections, as its winner, Generation 2004 has been able to fight for the interests of the post-2004 staff and the increasing number of contract agents using the existing statutory bodies.

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