A new electoral system in Luxembourg – so close yet so far

Regular readers of our newsletter might remember that Generation 2004, together with several other trade unions, has tried to change the electoral rules for Luxembourg in the past – and it did not work out. But we are used to fighting long up-hill battles, so of course we tried again in the recent general assembly in Luxembourg. 

Unlike last time, we did not arrive at a consensus with the other trade unions to present just one common proposal: instead, staff was presented with two proposals! Please read the summary of our proposal, including a comparison with the other proposal (it includes links to the full text of both proposals).  

The results of the vote are in the table below, a total of 113 votes were cast.  


Yes  No  Abstention 

Ensemble Luxembourg 

61 (54%)  31 (27%) 

21 (19%) 

Generation 2004 

70 (62%)  35 (31%) 

8 (7%) 

While it is obvious that our proposal had a large support by the colleagues, we needed a 2/3 majority for a change of the rules. We failed this majority by 6(!) votes. We will not hide the fact that we are a bit frustrated by this result – so close yet so far.  

Generation 2004 and all other trade unions will now take part in the next elections in Luxembourg under the current rules – which is a pity, given that most voters in Luxembourg are in favour of changing the system. We would like to thank the LSC Bureau for organising this general assembly – organizing a vote in a hybrid general assembly is surely a challenge. 

As always, we welcome your feedback.

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