An appeal from a Karlsruhe-based coffee addict

I started here at the JRC Karlsruhe not so long ago. The second lockdown was in sight, not optimal for a change of country and work environment. I am from a coffee-loving place, born and raised with a coffee culture, and my first sight on entering the JRC in Karlsruhe was the prominent placing of the Cafeteria with a professional espresso machine – what a nice working place!

Of course it was empty, we all have to make sacrifices in times like this, but the hope was there, that better times will come, that the future is full of promise! There will be good coffee and a time where we meet new colleagues and have those informal chats.

Well times have changed, and as a self-confessed coffee junkie, I have chosen my apartment in Karlsruhe wisely. The next best option was to find good coffee delivery, and it exists! There is a small bakery in my neighbourhood which has been my source of joy for this last year because the owner was inventive enough to deliver almost from the start, except those days in lockdown where nearly all lay still.

But at the JRC in Karlsruhe real coffee is still not available. There are some machines standing in corners and you can drink something there, but it’s not coffee. Those machines deliver hot, brown stuff: all sorts of coffee substitutes, or as a colleague so pointedly said, ‘bad coffee, worse coffee and the worst coffee’. It is nearly the only place where a newcomer can meet and greet colleagues, but it is a place where space is limited. So, when you are in the middle of a nice conversation, you have to leave to make space for the next coffee junkies.

So after a hard 18 months since the pandemic started, think of those who still haven’t met their colleagues, those who might have forgotten what their colleagues look like and those who, like me, are still desperately waiting for real good coffee at my working place.

Please, have mercy with on a poor, lost coffee addict and open the cafeteria!


Here’s a dynamic list of Luxembourg and Brussels buildings showing canteens and cafeterias and which are open (though we make no claims on the quality of the quality of the coffee on offer!) and a timetable for some buildings. MyIntracomm doesn’t offer this information on other sites/buildings: we have asked for this oversight to be rectified.

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