Thanks to your support, fairer and more transparent election rules adopted!

Thanks to your overwhelming support, the Generation 2004 proposals which aimed at ensuring fairer and more-transparent staff representation elections were adopted with 90% in favour during the Brussels and Commission Representations in the EU staff general assembly (24.09.2021).

Why we needed change

In the 2015 and 2018 Brussels LSC elections there were staff representatives elected from eight of the available lists. This created difficulties in forming a majority allowing for a well-functioning LSC. In order to guarantee a more stable and effective staff representation, setting a minimal electoral threshold was desperately needed.

Furthermore, staff have the right to know about the existence of pre-existing electoral agreements concerning the share of representativeness (the higher the representativeness, the more human resources are allocated to the trade union or staff association, and missions and training costs are refunded; it also gives the right to speak first during social dialogue meetings), as governed by the Framework Agreement.

What we proposed

For the reasons mentioned above, Generation 2004 proposed the following changes to the Brussels LSC Electoral rules:

  • The distribution of seats between list votes and preference votes [1] shall affect lists which gain at least 5% of the votes cast.
  • In the interest of transparency, all electoral materials as well as the ballot paper and electronic ballot, should clearly and visibly indicate all and any electoral agreements concerning the share of representativeness signed and which lists and trade unions/staff associations are signatories.

The final proposal was also an outcome of an inter trade-union discussion and thus also a big thanks to colleagues from other trade unions to have supported the changes: together with you all we have managed to ensure that the system is clearer and fairer.

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[1] What is the difference? (Article 10)

list vote: you vote for the whole of one list of candidates

preference vote: you vote for candidate pairs from any list

What if I mark both a list and candidate pair?

on the same list: these are processed as preference votes

on different lists: void




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