Elections of the Outside Union Local Staff Committee

For the first time in the short existence of Generation 2004 the colleagues based in the EC delegations outside the EU have been able to choose Generation 2004 candidates on their ballot. Traditionally, the delegations have been a stronghold of the established unions. Thus, many (not us!) were surprised with Generation 2004’s good result of about 15% of the votes. This result, because of the electoral system which is different from the one in Brussels and most probably needs to be updated, translates only into 1 seat out of 14 in the Staff Committee of the delegations. Nevertheless, now that we are in the “stronghold”, we are going to do our best to reform it, as we have done in Brussels for the past 3 years.

Generation 2004 would like to thank to all who voted for us and invites the others to engage with us to work in favour of the delegations’ staff.

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