Fact checking: Outside Union Elections

You might be bothered by all the emails in last couple of weeks asking you to vote. With all the promises and all credits that everybody claims to have exclusive rights.

Well, we are bothered with the non-factual parts of those messages as they really sometimes sound to good or bad to be true.

This is the latest of the Outside Union elections.

The candidates of so called independent and free trade union for the staff employed outside the European Union are saying

(ON Generation 2004 list);

Quote “Because List 2 represents only 2 continents (by 65%), has only 1/3 of women candidates and is made by 1/3 of candidates coming from only 3 single Delegations”

Fact: Generation 2004 List number 2 candidates are currently placed on 4 continents, coming from 18 delegations around the world and there are 10 female candidates (out of 28), with Giuliana Torta as number 1. So the quoted statement is quite misleading or we can only guess somebody did not pass a geography and mathematics class at the mentioned union. If this is true, then we could ask our self how can somebody like that represent delegations staff outside union at all.

Quote “We are the only trade union FREE from Brussels-centric interests we always pay for and INDEPENDENT from power games of gigantic trade unions no one is excused from”

Fact: Generation 2004 (as staff association and not a trade union) partly agree with the last part of the statement however the first part is very questionable.  First of all you need to cooperate with all in the central staff committee in order to achieve results. Generation 2004 together with other so called gigantic trade unions did exactly that to help our colleagues in delegation all over the world. We strongly believe in equality no matter where you work. Last but not least, claiming to be free and independent its quite a big responsibility once you need to show results, but we guess copy paste the programme, presenting others as enemies but at the same time  taking/claiming achievements of  those is much easier.

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