Farewell UK, and thanks for all the stress…

In 1973, when the United Kingdom (UK) was about to join the EU, Yogi Berra, a famous American Baseball star coined the phrase: “It ain’t over till it’s over.” Today, just a few days after the UK has effectively left the Union, the same may be said of Brexit.There is still a plethora of Brexit related topics to be solved in the near future and, perhaps, even in years to come. As we said back in 2016, Brexit can last for years and, if on one side this prediction was confirmed – 3.5 years have passed since the June 2016 referendum – on the other hand it looks like this will continue to be the case.Thankfully, as we also reported in 2018, our British colleagues are not going to be forced out of the European Commission. However, as is the case for Brexit, plenty of questions regarding their future still need clear answers.

Generation 2004 supports, defends and fights for all colleagues without discrimination, and this is obviously also true regarding nationality. We therefore will continue helping and supporting our British colleagues the same way as all others.

Despite the stress caused by the very long and complicated Brexit process, Generation 2004 would like to say farewell and wish good luck to the UK, however, we also would like to add: “We […] believe in EU”.

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