Conference FAQs: How to draft an appeal

Promotions appeals: we have lift off! Thanks to all of you who participated in our conference and for the many questions and examples you sent us. For those of you unable to attend, here are the frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Remember you have until 24 June (25 for Luxembourg: happy national day!) to file your appeal.

  • Where can I find out more on how the appeal works and how many people were proposed for promotion by the Joint Promotion Committee (JPC) last year?

The Joint Monitoring Committee report on the 2020 promotion exercise, Annex 3 and Annex 6

  • The appeal tab in Sysper is no longer available.

Get in touch with your AMC: remember the ‘5-working days’ deadline excludes public holidays, annual leave and sick days etc.

  • Where can I get the Generation 2004 appeal template?

  • Can I already start drafting my appeal?

Yes please!

  • Can I send you my draft appeal?

Please register and wait for someone to get in touch with you

  • What should we put in an appeal?

Quote the highlights of the reporting-officer part from all of your career development review (CDR) since your recruitment/last promotion

Focus on your merit and avoid comparison with others

Adjectives: excellent/outstanding/very good/exemplary etc.

  • What are considered ‘responsibilities’?

Responsibility can be for people, money or representation: see the template for ideas

  • Can I add emails/non-CDR evidence?

Remember that the appeal text is ideally 1 side of A4, there really isn’t any way to add emails though you could perhaps quote the best parts in your text if you wish

  • Is the deadline midnight?

Normally midnight 24 June (25 for Luxembourg: happy national day!)

But be careful, if everyone tries to submit at 23.45 then it’s possible the system collapses and you miss your chance

  • Does my line manager/reporting officer know when I appeal?

No, and there are even cases where they actively encourage appeals because if you are successful then they have one fewer promotion to worry about next year

  • How do I get a deadline extension: I’m sick/on maternity leave etc.

This should be automatic, if you have issues get in touch with AMC.

  • Who am I competing with in this process?

You are competing with all the others of the same grade who appeal (not just your own DG)

  • How about AST- AST/SC, do they compete between themselves?

AST and AST/SC are two different function groups, they do not compete between themselves

  • the Administrators’ function group (AD), ranging from grade AD5 up to AD16;
  • the Assistants’ function group (AST), ranging from grade AST1 up to AST11;
  • the Secretaries and Clerks’ function group (AST/SC), ranging from grade SC1 up to SC6. (Staff Matters)
  • How is seniority calculated?

time between your last promotion and 1 January in the current year

time between recruitment and 1 January in the current year

  • How is seniority calculated with leave on personal grounds (CCP)?

‘Your career remains on hold while you are on CCP, which means that your seniority in your grade and step will remain the same. When you are reinstated, your seniority in your grade and step will be recalculated to take into account the length of the leave.’ (Staff Matters)

  • Can the draft promotion list change now?

Yes, this is a draft list and is still subject to change e.g. those on CCP) (not considered to be in active service) at the time of publication of the final list might be affected

Note:  if you want to take time off that is still active service consider ‘purchasing’ annual leave via time credit

  • Does an Investigation and Disciplinary Office of the Commission (IDOC) case influence decisions

An ongoing IDOC investigation might adversely affect your evaluation[1]

  • What if you came from another institution/service? What about mobility?

This is a good reason to appeal: you are less well known in your new place and there may not have been quota for you, regardless of how good your reports are

  • The European External Action Service (EEAS) will publish the results in mid July. can we contact you at this time if needed?

You certainly can, we’re happy to help

  • Is there an official definition (shared by all DGs) of a “fast career”?

It’s normally understood to be anything faster than the average (see Staff Regulations (SR) Annex I, B for speeds)

  • What do the percentages represent?

These are multiplication rates: so say AST/SC1 is 25% that means that 25% are promoted in any one year (in theory) therefore the average is 4 years of seniority in order to be promoted to AST/SC2.

Similarly a rate of 15% (AD12 and AD13) = 100/15 = 6.667 years

  • Can we have the presentation?

You certainly can!

For any other questions do not hesitate to ask us or leave a comment below.

If you appreciate our work, please consider becoming a member of Generation 2004

The next steps in the 2021 reclassification and promotion exercises are:

  • mid-November: publication of final lists  (check administrative notices or email)
  • December: changes visible in pay slip.

[1] Update 18.10.2021: Joint Promotion Committee (AD) meeting with Ms Ingestad: a procedure has finally been introduced to prevent colleagues who have been unjustly affected by disciplinary proceedings from suffering any disadvantage as a result. We await further details and a communication to staff as a whole.

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