Interim staff access to training: you asked, we acted!

One of our members got in touch to say that interim agents have no access to EU Learn. We immediately contacted the EU Learn team and asked them to explain how newly recruited interim agents can enrol in the Commission training courses needed to perform their job effectively and efficiently if they are denied access to EU Learn.

In their reply to our request for clarification, the EU Learn team confirmed that indeed service providers such as INT (‘interimaires’) and PPW (service provider with workstation) are excluded by default from internal training (encoded on EU Learn or not) as indicated on the dedicated Staff Matters page ‘Access to learning opportunities’.

However, interim staff members can attend internal Commission training if:

  • their line manager is requesting that they follow the training;
  • the training is mandatory for completing their core tasks (this must be clearly justified by the line manager);
  • the training is only available internally (e.g. ARES, ABAC, MIPS, etc.).

If the above conditions are satisfied, interim staff have to email the necessary justification, indicating the exact name and date(s), if applicable, of the training course and adding the approval of their hierarchy as an attachment to their email. The EU Learn team will make sure that interim colleagues are enrolled in the needed training course.

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