Don’t forget to use your 10 days of teleworking from outside the place of employment!

If you still haven’t used up all your days of teleworking from anywhere (TWA) do not forget to file the request in Sysper as soon as possible. We have no information on any extension to the end-of-year deadline (the 2021 days could be used until 15.01.2022) and so conclude that there is unlikely to be any extension: best to use the 2022 quota of days rather than lose them!

Article 11 of the March 2022 working time and hybrid working (WTHW) decision gives all staff the right to enjoy up to 10 days of teleworking from abroad per year, upon their request, subject to the agreement of the line manager.

As the year is drawing to a close, Generation 2004 would like to remind you to send your request as soon as possible if you still want to use this possibility. Requesting with some notice is in the best interest of the service, as it will allow guaranteeing business continuity. At the same time, we believe that TWA might be one tool – among others – to better reconcile work with family and personal life.

As the rules stand now, if you do not use your 10 days by the end of the year, you will not be able to carry them over to 2023. For next year you will have a new quota of 10 days of TWA. To improve the well-being of staff and better ensure business continuity, Generation 2004 asks the administration through the existing formal channels, including the new Joint Committee on Working Time and Hybrid Working, to allow carry-over. This would be in line with the flexibility and culture of trust that are at the basis of the Decision.

A large share of staff have already used their TWA days, including managers. Importantly, it seems that so far the experience with TWA has been very positive and no issues were reported in relation to staff teleworking from outside the place of employment.

Given the positive outcome of this provision both for the services and for the well-being of colleagues, Generation 2004 calls on the administration to increase flexibility in the way TWA is implemented and to consider our proposal for 60 days a year of TWA at least for the future revision of the WTHW decision, which is due in less than one year.

Transfer of annual leave to 2023

Also, on the topic of not losing hard-earned rights, we remind those of you who have more than 12 days of annual leave remaining that you may have the right to transfer them all.  Note that if you are not allowed to take those days in excess of 12 now for ‘service reasons’ then get that in an email: ‘requirements of the service’ is a viable reason to allow the transfer: please don’t lose out!

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us, we’ve been through many of these processes.

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