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Almost 18 years after the drastic 2004 Kinnock reform – further intensified by the 2014 reform – the division of staff and the inequalities created have not yet been addressed. While the measures reduced the pre-2004 benefits and pensions, they had an extremely detrimental effect on the careers and benefits of the post-2004 colleagues.

For instance did you know that the pensionable age  and the yearly pension accrual rate differs depending on when you were recruited? The pension bonus for every additional year worked above the pensionable age is also different: 1.5%, 2.5% or 5%.

Straightforward evidence of the damage done can be found in the European Court of Auditors (ECA) Special report no 15/2019: Implementation of the 2014 staff reform package at the Commission – Big savings but not without consequences for staff: it confirms that employment conditions have deteriorated to such an extent that the EU is struggling to attract staff of certain nationalities, also the cost-cutting measures have produced more savings for the EU budget then what was originally agreed.

Generation 2004 believes it is particularly important that the administration finally recognise these problems and takes the strongest possible measures to close the gap between staff hired under the pre- and the post-reform conditions. This is for us the only way forward to reunify the Commission’s staff.

To let Generation 2004 be your voice, then vote!

To vote, please use this link: https://webgate.ec.testa.eu/1/evote/clp/

How to vote in the CLP HU elections 19-3 December 2021: a how-to video

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This text was originally sent as an email 15.11.2021 and we thank the Brussels colleague who took the trouble to correct our errors concerning retirement age and the impact the 2004 reform had across the board, we are always open to feedback (even when it is to point out where we’ve made a mistake!). Thanks!

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