Local agents update

Implementation of the new package for local agents (LAs)

While the administration commits to get the large number of EU Delegation exceptions (‘derogations’) ready for a decision by February 2021, it means the entire package will not be available for LAs to decide until then. In this latest update to this ongoing issue, Generation 2004 urges all LA colleagues to ensure that they fully understand the entire package before they make their decision as it is likely to be irreversible. The administration warns that LAs should not assume that acquired rights will be preserved (although this is generally the case), and explains that the only provision that is ‘fathered’ by the new package is the 12-year cap on the severance grant: 1 month of salary for each year worked, up to a limit of 12. That means that if your delegation used to have an uncapped severance grant, but that grant is not supported by local legislation or practice, it will not be carried over in the new package. LAs should also clarify extensively with their local administration section what the leave entitlement, salaries, entitled allowances included in the monthly remuneration changes, etc. will be under the new conditions.

 Heads of administration in all delegation will soon be organising local meetings and clarification sessions to explain the LA package better. The deadline to decide whether to sign up for the addendum is now set for 30 June 2021.

Colleagues who are promoted in 2020

The addendum for promoted colleagues should be formally agreed (but not necessarily signed) by 31 December 2020. Although the original deadline of 16 November 2020 has passed, the administration may still consider accepting the provision of a 2+1 step increase if a firm willingness to sign is expressed before 31 December 2020.

Once the firm intention to sign is communicated to the head of administration, HQ will start to analyse the entire package for that individual colleague, including delegation-level decisions and individual derogation (where applicable). The package will be provided to the colleague for them to decide accordingly.

Article 4 of the Draft Addendum of the LA-European Commission package

As mentioned before, the administration clarifies that the ‘fathering of preserved rights’ is only extended to the severance grant to UP TO 12 MONTHS’ SALARY – in cases where severance grants are uncapped in the special conditions of employment (not due to the local practice/law), the LA-European Commission package will now implement a 12-year cap (ceiling). If you are unsure what will be the entitlement of the addendum, please clarify with your local administration.

 Increasing contribution to the provident fund (PF) from 5% to 10%

Under the modernisation of LA employment conditions effort, LAs will now have the collective option to increase their contribution to the PF from 5 to 10% (and matching Employer’s contribution will follow). Yet, the practice will have an impact on your monthly salary if PF is not a primary scheme.

Generation2004 has the following team of staff representatives who are ready to assist you with specific issues or questions:

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