Newsletter editorial – 28-01-2022

Welcome to the third Generation 2004 Newsletter of 2022. Those of you who joined us in taking action against the internal competition will have received confirmation that you are not eligible, we set out the next steps here.  Having found nothing out there already that serves the needs of AST/SCs we have decided to launch a forum: why not join? We have a look at the rules for activities outside the Commission (or after the Commission).

We again invite you to participate in our ongoing survey on your utility bills, this is your chance to provide concrete examples! Get your bills out, tell us how the additional costs of teleworking are affecting you!

To those of you still working on writing your self-assessment, we are still here to help! And to those of you preparing for the dialogue part of the process, we remind you that we have some tips.

Again, remember that you have only until Monday 31.01.2022 to request the transfer of annual leave remaining from 2021: please don’t lose days if you can avoid it!

So, that’s it for this edition, thanks to all of you for your support, ideas and feedback: please keep it coming!

Take care, stay healthy and enjoy reading!

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