The AST/SC Forum – please join us!

Dear colleagues, irrespective of your category, function group and grade, you are welcome to join the recently created AST/SC Forum in Teams!

What is the AST/SC Forum?

This is a truly open democratic forum where all staff members – not only secretaries and clerks (AST/SCs) – can freely and without any censorship exchange different views and ideas.

This is a genuinely free forum where everyone is welcome and where no one will be kicked out because of their beliefs and opinions.

This is a forum firmly based on freedom of thought and freedom of expression as well as in full respect of all other fundamental freedoms.

This is a forum where the owner, the moderator, and the driving force is YOU!

Why a new AST/SC forum?

There are at least two networks claiming to defend the interests of the AST/SC staff category.

The EC AST Network is a formal organization created, supported by and which works in harmony with the administration. They try to represent the interests of assistants (AST), AST/SC, AST/AC and CA FGI-III staff categories. However, this could be made clearer on their website.

The AST/SC Network in Teams (now renamed Joint Efforts for the AST/SC Category) is a closed group with members accepted by invitation only. It started as an informal and independent network of AST/SC officials, but, unfortunately, it became an undemocratic and censored forum where posts are deleted, members are kicked out, and a particular established trade union is heavily promoted.

Unlike the two networks above promoting a particular party line, the new AST/SC Forum is a truly independent and free-of-censorship platform for exchange of information, opinions and ideas.

Please join the AST/SC Forum in Teams!

Take care and stay safe!

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