Online Conference – Local Agents Salary method – Time to adapt to the reality on the ground

The current salary-revision method for Local Agents, and the idea of “One system fits all”, is not working in many of the EU 140 Delegations all over the world.  The idea behind any salary update in the world is to make sure that the organisation’s salaries are competitive, keep employees satisfied, and do what they can to attract and retain the best people.

Does the EU stick to this principle as regards the salaries of its Local Agents (Las) in Delegations?

Let’s have a closer look together at some insights regarding the current method, and think of necessary changes, in preparation to the discussion on the salary method between the EEAS and the Trade Unions, which will begin next year.

Please join  the Generation 2004 conference on 04 June from 12.30 to 14.00 (CEST) or on 06 June from 18.00 to 19.30 (CEST), to cover different time zones.

Generation 2004 is committed to supporting the introduction of a procedure that will make the method fairer, more transparent and to ensure it corresponds to the situation on the ground.

Looking forward to seeing  you there.

The Generation 2004 Team


Connection details:

Tuesday 04-06-2024, h12.30-14.00 (CEST)
Meeting number: 2745 797 7778
Meeting password (if needed) – see our Newsletter 29-05-2024

Thursday 06-06-2024, h18.00-19.30(CEST)
Meeting number: 2743 610 7624
Meeting password (if needed) – see our Newsletter 29-05-2024



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