Operation “Quick Fix”

You might have heard already of the launch of the new OIB service “Quick Fix”. It is supposed to be a fast-track system of smaller building repairs, that often pass unnoticed or simply do not get reported to the 55555. Generation 2004 appreciates very much the new OIB approach and hopes that colleagues will use it. Please share with us your experience.

Types of interventions:

  • Adjusting/replacing door hinges; fixing/replacing door handles; fitting door holders.
  • Fitting hanging hook or pegs.
  • Hanging frames, whiteboards and plexiglas for administrative information.
  • Replacing dirty carpet tiles.
  • Small paint jobs (e.g. stained wall…).
  • Ad-hoc replacing of missing, dirty or broken ceiling tiles.
  • Fitting soap dispenser and towel holders.

More info on Operation Quick Fix

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  1. Hipo Crates says:

    My post-2004 career needs some repair; I wonder, in view of the ten (no less!) last articles published, wheter this union has anything to say about it anymore.

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