The future is here!!! But at what cost for staff?

The future is here!!! But at what cost for staff?

Many of our colleagues have recently experienced some changes regarding their office equipment and tools and we are not talking about Windows 10 but about a set of new gadgets, which will take us forward into the digital age.

These new gadgets come in the form of a USB headset and the software that comes with it: Skype for Business in Windows 10 or Lync if you are still running good old Windows 7.

As a progressive and modern staff association, we tend to embrace progress in any areas and we look at the new planned changes on the way telephony will work in the Commission with an open mind and optimistic outlook. There are several advantages to the new system. For instance, it will allow you to be accessible on your desk phone number even when you are teleworking (provided you use a corporate laptop) and without having to redirect your calls to your mobile phone. It also offers the possibility to do internal video communication.

However, we still believe there are things to be concerned about the new system. One of them is that if you have a problem with your PC and for some reason you cannot log in to your account then you will not be able to just call the helpdesk number 77777.

When we asked the helpdesk about this potential issue, we got a rather awkward answer: colleagues would need to use a mobile phone. When we asked if the Commission was going to provide everyone with a mobile phone we got from the other end what we were expecting: laughter. We suppose it is yet another of those things that are not funny but still make you laugh… Regardless we will insist on a proper answer to this question from DIGIT and DG HR because we find it inadmissible that the Commission intends to rely on private equipment from colleagues to ensure its proper operations.

More on the topic of the future IP telephony may be found at the Unified Communication & Collaboration page and you may also take a look at this Power Point presentation on the subject.


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