Outcome of the latest vote on electoral reform in Luxembourg

So the road ahead for the Luxembourg local staff committee (LSC) for the November 2022 elections is set: there will indeed be a change to the current (2016) election rules. The proposed ‘fully proportional system’ (‘FPS’) will be used. A 66.6% majority is enough for a change of the rules: this proposal received 72%.

The first of two Luxembourg LSC general assemblies (GAs) was to vote on two different proposals to reform the electoral system for the next Luxembourg LSC elections. This follows hot on the heels of the two proposals from May 2022. Our analysis showed that both of these latest proposals were based on proportional systems, so they would undoubtedly offer certain improvements over the present winner-takes-all (‘majority’) system. Nevertheless, one of the latest proposals was unnecessarily complex and the other would benefit from a final review. So, we were in a dilemma: grab the opportunity to introduce a potentially flawed but more proportional system, even at the risk of running into problems with hastily stitched-together proposals, or refuse this ill-timed attempt, stay with the current rules for – given the time constraints – one last time, and leave the matter to the new LSC? We left the decision in your hands.

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