Reform of the social dialogue – Will staff representation disappear from the smaller sites as tells you “the” Local Staff Committee of Luxembourg?

Declaration of “the” Local Staff Committee of Luxembourg

“The” Local Staff Committee of Luxembourg, in its communication of 22 May 2018 “Declaration on the importance of local representation of the Staff Committee in Luxembourg” explains that the interests of the Luxembourg staff are at risk, because of a reform of the staff representation. This is at least very strongly exaggerated!

What is really going on?

The reform aims to modernise the Staff Committee (its organisation, composition, powers and functioning) in order to improve the effectiveness of staff representation for all staff at all places of work.

The reform is being discussed since November 2017: different options are on the table, and several OSPs are participating in the process, in order to improve the quality and the efficiency of staff representation. No OSP has yet proposed that local staff representatives disappear!

Still, one OSP coalition is trying to block this reform, blindly defending the status quo. This same OSP coalition, which with 43 % (26%+17%) of the votes controls 75% (14+1 members) of the Local Staff Committee in Luxembourg, approved the above declaration, was neither listening to nor trying to conduct an honest discussion with the other 5 members of the LSC, who are members of the 3 OSPs that together represent the other 57% of the personnel. Among those who refused to sign the declaration are the four G2004 representatives, who have been trying to improve the quality of staff representation in Luxembourg. They have signed a joint communication with other OSPs (USF-L, FFPE) – sent on 12 June 2018 – in which they called upon the Local Staff Committee of Luxembourg to inform staff in a neutral and factual manner.

So let’s be clear:

The alarm bell ringed by (part of) the LSC Luxembourg is exaggerated and imprecise. Spreading these rumors only aims to manipulate the debate without proactively participating to it.

G2004 will keep trying to improve the quality of the staff representation IN ALL SITES. We also believe that every site deserves its own voice and that changes can and must be made to the status quo to improve the quality and the effectiveness of the representation.

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