Report on the social dialogue at the Commission

Commissioner Oettinger met the staff representation on 20 October. Apart from a surprisingly long intervention of the Commissioner on the departure of Mr. Kessler from OLAF, the meeting was essentially business as usual. Generation 2004 maintained its request that the draft decision of the Commission on the so-called external activities be amended so that CA3bs quickly receive the green light allowing them to take up a new job outside of the institutions after the end of their contract (currently, CA3bs are supposed to ask for permission 1 month before accepting a new job; the Commission has 1 month to respond, which is a non-sense as no employer will accept in the current job market to wait for 2 months before knowing if a prospective employee stays on the job or not). More generally, Generation 2004 is advocating a thorough examination of the applications for external activities from previous senior managers in the Commission (e.g. former DGs or directors who want to take up jobs in private law firms and who should be allowed to receive remuneration only in exceptional cases, e.g. not yet in a pensionable age) while leaving the examination of CA3bs’ applications at the level of a mere formality (after all, CA3bs have to feed themselves and their family, it is not their fault if the Commission is not able/willing to offer them permanent jobs).

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