Annual Salary Adjustment

Eurostat has recently published the Report on the 2017 annual update of remuneration and pensions of EU officials. This year’s pay rise will amount to 1.5% according to the so-called “method” for salary adjustments, calculated for 1 July 2017 retroactively. This increase consists in 1.1% compensation for inflation in Belgium and Luxembourg (Joint Belgium-Luxembourg Index – JBLI) and 0.4% aggregated increase in real net remuneration of civil servants in a basket of 11 Member States. Interestingly, one of these Member States is the UK, who contributed with -0.2 %.

At the same time, updated correction coefficients for working places outside Belgium and Luxembourg have been calculated. For example, Ispra colleagues will benefit from a slight increase of the local correction coefficient which ‘rises’ from 90.4 to 90.9%. Still, they continue to earn nearly 10% less than colleagues in Brussels and Luxembourg or 6.4% less than those at EFSA in Parma (EFSA) who did not ask for a separate correction coefficient and therefore are subject to the same coefficient as Rome (now 97.3%, down from 97.9%).

While formally, the figures need to be endorsed by the Council, there is basically no legal option for them not to do so.

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