Salaries paid in currencies other than Euros in Delegations

Salaries of Local Agents in EU delegations are paid either in euros or in the local currency. The decision as to which currency is used is not always fully transparent and can lead to serious problems. In Turkey, for instance, the situation of Local Agents has become very difficult because of the massive drop in the Turkish Lira/Euro exchange rate in the past few months:

Combined with high inflation, this drop resulted in a drastic loss of purchasing power:

Local companies try to adjust salaries to take into account high inflation. The EU institutions, on the other hand, apply the same salary increase everywhere, according to the EU salary survey method. This results in salary adjustments that are totally disconnected from Turkish inflation. As a result, Local Agents in Turkey have lost more than 50% in purchasing power since 2012.

Generation 2004 has alerted the Commission (DG NEAR) and the External Action Service. It seems to us that the easiest fix to the kind of problems faced by the Local Agents in Turkey would be to offer them the choice of being paid in Euros. This is already the case in a number of delegations, including in delegations rather far from the EU like Afghanistan and also Belgrade, for instance.

If you are aware of similar situations in other EU delegations, please let us know and we will follow-up with the administration in your Delegation, at central level with the DG in charge of the Delegation and with DG HR.

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