Newsletter #30 – Oct 2018

Fact Checking

Save Europe’s real position on mobility

In the Save Europe (SE) message of 26 September 2018 you will discover, that without this Trade Union there would be almost no actions related to mobility… SE has only 2 votes, yes 2 votes, out of 27 in the LSC Brussels, and only one of them voted for the Position of the Brussels Local Staff Committee regarding future of the mobility in Region Brussels-Capital: the perspective and recommendations of the Commission’s staff. The other one did not even bother to participate in the written procedure. Nevertheless, if you really would like to see the real position of SE on mobility just watch this video at 36m30s.

Staff elections in Brussels and outside the Union 2018

The next staff elections for the Brussels local staff committee will take place from 24-26 October 2018. Generation 2004 has, for the third time, set up a very gender, nationality and staff category balanced list of 54 motivated candidates (27 pairs) for the Brussels staff elections.

Staff elections in the EU Delegations will also take place shortly after: from 5-9 November 2018. It will be the first time in history that Generation 2004 sets up a list and run in the “Outside the Union” elections though, and we are very excited about taking this step.

Those who will be elected in both elections will represent the interests of staff recruited since 2004 and 2014 in various committees and working groups in the next 3 years. Continue reading Staff elections in Brussels and outside the Union 2018

Internal competitions 2018

Mid September DG HR called the trade unions for a “social dialogue” on the planned internal competitions. We did not have the impression that we attended a dialogue but rather an info session about DG HR’s plan to offer a platform for Cabinet members to find an easy way through an internal competition to become officials. This has unfortunately become a sad tradition that comes by every 5 years shortly before the end of each mandate of the Commission.

HR presented us the “biggest set of internal competitions the Commission ever published”. The presentation was only made available to the representatives of Union Syndical Luxembourg, who have distributed it to all staff in Luxembourg.

The following competitions will be open to officials, temporary agents but also contract agents: AST/SC2, AST 2 and AD 6. (Applications to AD6 will be restricted to FG IV.)

An AST 4 competition will be open to AST temporary agents and officials.

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Now all want to own the Local Staff Committee success story

In the framework of the upcoming elections you will be bombarded with e-mails by many Trade Unions (TU). Some of them have already started to take credit for the achievements of the Local Staff Committee Brussels (see our Fact checking box on the first page).

In a recent article we highlighted the reality of the engagement of other TUs to allow the Local Staff Committee (LSC) Brussels to operate smoothly… Out of 4.5 allocated secondments, 4 were assured by Generation 2004. For details on actual LSC meetings’ attendance, you may also check the table of presences of elected members during the last 3 years (check page 48). We trust this may help you make up your mind before pushing the voting button. Continue reading Now all want to own the Local Staff Committee success story

Greenpeace & Generation 2004 lunch-time conference on Air Quality

We all know (with a few exceptions) that we are living in a polluted world. We all know (with few exceptions) that we should do something about it. But what perhaps we don’t know (with few exceptions) is that we need to do it now. No time to postpone our contribution to a clean air and a clean environment. We are at the point of almost no return and we need to act accordingly in order to leave a living planet to our kids and generations to follow.

In March 2018  Greenpeace Belgium presented a report called Mijn lucht Mijn School (My air My school) based on a 4-week study on the air in 222 Belgian schools. And with no surprise, the study indicates that the air our kids are breathing is quite bad. In fact, only 7 schools in Belgium are inside the so called “green zone” (good air quality, see table below), the rest of the schools are in the yellow, orange and light red zone. 5 Belgian schools are in the no go zone – not so many, but still a few. The EU normative on the NO2 particles are set quite high, so one could claim that the majority of the schools have actually clean air, but this is not the case. Everything outside a green zone is already a risk for the health.

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Salaries paid in currencies other than Euros in Delegations

Salaries of Local Agents in EU delegations are paid either in euros or in the local currency. The decision as to which currency is used is not always fully transparent and can lead to serious problems. In Turkey, for instance, the situation of Local Agents has become very difficult because of the massive drop in the Turkish Lira/Euro exchange rate in the past few months:

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CO2 emissions

eu_without_ukMany of us strive to reduce our CO2 emissions, including those of us who walk to work and the 2000+ members of the EU Cycling Group . One area where employees of the institutions can probably make progress is the CO2 emissions caused by flying. Many of us being expats and because we work for a central administration that serve the needs of (almost) an entire continent, we tend to travel more than the average European. Much of this travelling occurs via airplanes, both for professional and for private reasons. We also receive many visitors that come to meet us or to meetings that we organise in the institutions. The rule of thumb is that travelling by airplane emits, for each passenger, about as much CO2 as travelling alone in a private car. Continue reading CO2 emissions