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Crocodile tears at the Court of the Queen of Hearts

When Cersei Lannister, the evil queen of plotting and scheming in the popular Games of Thrones franchise, was slapped in the face by her husband Robert Baratheon, King of the Iron Throne, she uttered the defiant words “I shall wear this as a badge of honour.” She later exacted her revenge on him through a cunning plan, leading to his premature death. Continue reading Crocodile tears at the Court of the Queen of Hearts

Fact Checking

Save Europe’s real position on mobility

In the Save Europe (SE) message of 26 September 2018 you will discover, that without this Trade Union there would be almost no actions related to mobility… SE has only 2 votes, yes 2 votes, out of 27 in the LSC Brussels, and only one of them voted for the Position of the Brussels Local Staff Committee regarding future of the mobility in Region Brussels-Capital: the perspective and recommendations of the Commission’s staff. The other one did not even bother to participate in the written procedure. Nevertheless, if you really would like to see the real position of SE on mobility just watch this video at 36m30s.

Newsletter 9

G2004 Newsletter no 9

  • More than a Ray of Light: a debrief on the post-2004 conference and first meeting with Vice-President Georgieva
  • Generation 2004 on the Commission staff survey – 2014
  • Promotions 2014
  • Analysis: AD9 internal competitions
  • LUX Contract Agents: a fight against precarity in the Commission
  • Speakers’ Corner: Sprachenpolitik / in / les institutions européennes

Newsletter 8

G2004 Newsletter no 8

  • Welcome to Candyland: an in-depth look at how DG HR is attempting to circumnavigate the statute as far as the so-called “blockage of careers” is concerned
  • Generation Edith Cresson: how to ensure beyond any reasonable doubt that none of the elite suffers any hunger-pains
  • Update of the report on equivalence of careers: maladministration, embarrassment … or both?
  • Speaking through music: G2004 message song of the month